Working Equitation Competition Sunday 22nd March

Sunday the 22nd of March Yggdrasil will be running an unofficial working equitation competition. Working Equitation is relatively new and a lot of fun. Riders ride a dressage test first and continue on into an “ease of handling” course. This could involve riding over a bridge, opening and closing a gate, picking something up and riding a short distance with it, a small cavaletti etc etc. Combinations are judged on their partnership and whoever gets the best overall score wins.

There are two classes, newcomer (walk/trot only dressage test) and a class that has a walk trot and canter dressage test. There will also be a prize for the best performed Connemara pony of the day (and of course we can fill out your CPBSA performance register cards!)

Entries limited to 30 so please be quick if you would like to have a go!

entryform Working equitation

FULL NON MEMBER waivers 08 Yggdrasil

Horse Health Declaration

Entry form, horse health declaration and waiver need to be in by the 7th of March!

Newcomer dressage test

Novice/elementary dressage test

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