Working Equitation Competition Sunday 22nd March

Sunday the 22nd of March Yggdrasil will be running an unofficial working equitation competition. Working Equitation is relatively new and a lot of fun. Riders ride a dressage test first and continue on into an “ease of handling” course. This could involve riding over a bridge, opening and closing a gate, picking something up and riding a short distance with it, a small cavaletti etc etc. Combinations are judged on their partnership and whoever gets the best overall score wins.

There are two classes, newcomer (walk/trot only dressage test) and a class that has a walk trot and canter dressage test. There will also be a prize for the best performed Connemara pony of the day (and of course we can fill out your CPBSA performance register cards!)

Entries limited to 30 so please be quick if you would like to have a go!

entryform Working equitation

FULL NON MEMBER waivers 08 Yggdrasil

Horse Health Declaration

Entry form, horse health declaration and waiver need to be in by the 7th of March!

Newcomer dressage test

Novice/elementary dressage test

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Pony Camp January 2015! Full

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Fire Danger Period for MRSC has started!

Sunbury fire 2 2014The Fire Danger Period started overnight. This is a year where we have been very busy since the start of November and not just with little jobs but with things that have the potential to really go. This is very very early on in the season as we normally don’t get busy till after Christmas. It’s most probably going to be a bad and busy year for us so like every year so far I’m asking you all to be understanding whenjoey my pager goes and I have to leave. If your lesson has started I won’t run away if you are uncomfortable with putting the horse away yourself but if you are capable I will leave you to untack and I will go on the firetruck. Your lesson obviously won’t be charged for.
On days of Total Fire Ban Yggdrasil will be closed from 9am to 5pm (or after if there is a fire) You can have lessons early on in the morning when it’s cool and in the evening when it’s (hopefully) a little cooler as well.
Stay safe this summer and thank you in advance for your understanding!

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Agility/Desensitisation Day

Sunday the 14th of September we will be setting up our agility course to take all our young horses through to get them used to IMG_5674different things. So far we have four other people interested in joining us so we are going to make a day of it. We’ll start at 10am, have a play with our horses, DSC_0761then have some lunch and after lunch you can either do more in hand with your horse or have a go riding your horse around and over some of the obstacles. If you would like to join us but you haven’t got a horse you can always borrow one of ours to have a play with. Price for the day including lunch is 90,- ┬áPlease ring Amber to book on 0419785064

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