Pony Camp September Holidays!

Monday the 22nd to Wednesday the 24th of September (first week of the school holidays) there will be another great Pony Camp!

The camp will once more be held at Kilroe Stud in Woodend and I’m sure the weather will be on the improve by then. Book in quick, 6 places available!2013-01-23_16-00-40_851

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Yggdrasil Babette turns 1 today even though she’s only 5 days old!

Happy Horses Birthday!! Strange though to have one day for all horses, poor Babette who was born last Sunday afternoon is now “officially” 1 year old, poor girl… DSC00417

Lilly and Babette are doing well. Babette had a very big first week in this world! Wearing a rug and headstall on her first day, having DSCN0669a blood test on her second day and an intravenous drip on her third day, gale force winds on her 4th day and snow on her fifth day (and a first birthday party!) She is coping very well though and very happy to come say hello and have a scratch.DSCN0677 Lilly is a wonderful mum who is very careful with her baby but at the same time proud enough to want us to come see her and pat her. Today Babette’s IV bandage came off and she had a little bit of time without her rug to have a groom by her mum (and time for us to make pictures!)




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Meet Yggdrasil Aoibheann


Yesterday morning the 27th of January Celtic Shimmer had her foal! I had my swag ready to sleep in the paddock and be there for the birth but she managed to look so casual and unbothered and not ready to have her foal that we all believed her, slept in our own beds and woke up to a lovely black filly foal with a beautiful white star. She will go grey as her sire Colmaur Kasey and her dam Celtic Shimmer are both grey, she already has grey marks around her nose and eyes. P1050098

Today I went up early in the morning as it was a TFB and I had to be at the fire station and I was lucky enough to be allowed to sit with her and Shimmer while she had a sleep and Shimmer ate her hay.

P1050092Shimmer is a great mum, very protective and very caring. Aoibheann is quite inquisitive and not scared at all of humans and other horses but she drives Shimmer to distraction going up to everyone to meet them. It’s very funny! Ill put a photo album of her on Facebook


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Places available next weekend!

There are still 4 places available on Saturday the 11th and 3 places available on Sunday the 12th for the clinic.

(dressage) lessons in the morning, (private if we still have a small group) a beautiful lunch and in the afternoon we ride together, either jumping, working equitation or horses soccer depending on your preferences (or come up with an idea and we’ll see if we can go with that)

Full day on your own horse or one of my horses 9am to 4pm 150,- (includes morning tea and lunch)

Hope to see you next week!

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